Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting a Vision Check

My new mission in life is to seek to see God in every moment of my day. To ask, "What is it God that you want me to say or do or be aware of in this moment or situation?"

Through this lens, I can always see goodness and hope in even the bleakest situation. When we determine to look at our circumstance or situation through God-vision, it will keep us from being overcome by disappointment, discouragment or negativity. If we can recognize that God is always at work in everyone and everything, then there is always hope to be found.

Lord, give me eyes to see you and how you are working. Help me be willing to respond to your call in each moment and have God-vision. Keep my heart soft and moldable--keep me willing to be yours!

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Jason Campbell said...

Wow, that sounds like a challenge. I've always found the idea appealing, and I've had seasons of life in which that was very nearly a reality. But it's difficult to maintain. I'm praying and thinking through how to regain this kind of spirituality and then to remain there.

Some more posts on this please!